Popular Lisbon: 5 reasons to buy a property
Today, it is safe to talk about a new trend in the real estate market: at the peak of popularity among investors, the capital of Portugal - Lisbon! A stable…

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Russian-speaking investors in profitable real estate abroad: an analytical study of Tranio
In early 2018, Tranio once again investigated the behavior of Russian-speaking investors abroad. We relied on the results of an online survey, which involved 476 real estate market leaders from…

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Buy a passport: the 10 most popular citizenship programs for investment
According to Knight Frank, a third of capital owners over $ 30 million have a second passport, and another third plan to purchase it in the future. Tranio talks about…

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“Golden Visa”: residence for investment

There are different ways to get a residence permit in another country: go to a local university, get a job there, create a family with a citizen or citizen of another country. They are suitable for those who plan to move abroad. However, many want to get a residence permit for other purposes: for example, to simplify communication with foreign banks or as insurance in case of an emergency move. Such people are suitable “golden visas” – they are issued when buying real estate or other assets for a certain amount. This is the easiest and fastest way to get a residence permit. Tranio talks about the most popular programs: under what conditions can you get a “golden visa” in another country?

To qualify for this visa, you must first apply to the Australian Migration Service and receive an invitation from a government organization.

Minimum amount: 200 thousand Australian. dollars (124 thousand euros)

Investment Objects: Business

Term: 4 years, can be extended for 2 or 4 years depending on the amount of investment or apply for permanent residence (visa class 888)

Requirements for accommodation: no

Together with the main applicant a visa is obtained: spouse, children

Andorra offers several investment options for obtaining a residence permit. A prerequisite is the presence of purchased or leased real estate in the country, and the applicant’s income level must be three times the minimum level set in Andorra. A residence permit for investments does not give a foreigner the right to conduct economic activity in the territory of Andorra.

Minimum amount: 400 thousand euros + a deposit of 50 thousand euros for the main applicant and 10 thousand euros for each family member

Investment objects: real estate, companies registered in Andorra, government bonds, deposits

Term: indefinite, after 20 years of actual residence can be submitted for citizenship

Accommodation Requirements: 90 days a year

Visa-free entry: Spain, France

Together with the main applicant a visa is obtained: spouse, children

Bulgaria offers two options for obtaining a residence permit in exchange for investment in its economy:

Minimum amount: 600 thousand leva (306 thousand euros)

Investment object: real estate

Minimum amount: 250 thousand leva (127 thousand euros)

Investment object: a company with the creation of 5 jobs for Bulgarian citizens

If the investor lives in Bulgaria permanently, then in five years he can apply for a long-term residence permit.

Great Britain
You can get a British residence permit for investment on one of two types of programs:

Investor visa (Tier 1 (Investor) visa)

Minimum amount: 2 million pounds (2.2 million euros)

Investment objects: government stocks and bonds or capital of companies registered and operating in the UK

Duration: 3 years 4 months, can be extended for another 2 years. Permanent residence can be obtained after 3 years if invested 5 million (5.6 million euros), or after 2 years – if invested 10 million (11.2 million euros)

Together with the main applicant a visa is obtained: spouse, children

Entrepreneur’s visa (Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) visa)

Minimum amount: 50 thousand pounds sterling (56 thousand euros), provided that the source of funding – funds or venture capital firms, approved by the government, otherwise – 200 thousand pounds sterling (223 thousand euros)

Investment object: business

Term: 3 years 4 months, extended after 2 or 3 years, permanent residence can be obtained after 5 years

Together with the main applicant a visa is obtained: spouse, children

UK property 183 listings on Tranio
Comfortable apartments with a winter garden in a new residence with a concierge, roof terrace and underground parking, London, United Kingdom for 525,000 £ 525,000 £
Comfortable apartments with a winter garden in a new residence with a concierge, a roof terrace and an underground parking, London, UK
Total area 66 m² 2 bedrooms

New one bedroom apartment with balcony in Edgewar, London, UK. Price on requestPrice on request
New one bedroom apartment with balcony in Edgewar, London, UK
Total area 52 m² 1 bedroom

Three-room apartment with a large corner balcony, London, United Kingdom for 530,000 £ 530,000 £
Two bedroom apartment with large corner balcony, London, UK
Total area 64 m² 2 bedrooms

The Greek “golden visa” is one of the cheapest programs for issuing a residence permit for purchasing real estate in Europe.

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